Diversity and Inclusion

Caiman’s Commitment

At Caiman Consulting, we strive to develop a work environment where everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves and valued as part of the Caiman family.

Diversity and inclusion have always been an important part of Caiman– it’s simply the right thing to do. Research also shows that diverse teams perform better.

Our Point of View

At Caiman, diversity goes beyond tracking numbers of underrepresented groups. We believe in the power of diverse thought and experiences. Diversity helps us deliver better services to our clients by providing fresh perspectives and increasing innovation.

An inclusive environment is an environment where employees are empowered to thrive and perform at their best. We want our team to be able to express their culture, values, and personalities in the workplace without pressure to conform to conventional notions of what a consultant should look or act like – all within the boundaries of our operating principles.

Key Caiman Statistics

As of August 2019, Caiman’s workforce is 52% female and 28% identify as a racial or ethnic minority (African American, Asian, Hispanic). 49% of our team are in the Millennial generation while 46% are Generation X and 5% are Baby Boomers. Our leadership team is 39% female and 33% minority. Our managing partners are 50% female and 25% racial or ethnic minority.

Looking Ahead

One way we’re showcasing our commitment is training all Caiman employees on TRACOM’s Social Styles, a simple, practical tool for understanding our own behaviors, each other’s differences, and building stronger teams. Based on decades of historical data and research, Social Styles is the only behavioral test that uses multiple observers to provide richer, more insightful analysis for participants to see their behaviors through the eyes of others.

At Caiman, we also believe in creating a level playing field for compensation, bonus, and advancement opportunities. Our compensation plans are transparent and based solely on market rate and level of experience, removing any gender or racial biases.

Creating an enduring culture of diversity and inclusion takes commitment from each and every one of us. We achieve a balance only when each individual takes responsibility for the impact that they personally have in building a more inclusive and equitable Caiman.

If you would like to learn more about our diversity and inclusion strategy, feel free to reach out via the Contact section of the website, we’d love to talk with you.