Our People

Greg Long Founder, Board of Directors
Greg Long

Greg is one of the co-founders of Caiman Consulting and our longtime CFO and COO. After 11+ years of running the day-to-day business operations of the company, Greg moved into a new role on our Board of Directors in Fall of 2015. This new role affords Greg all the perks of attending select company events, with the privileges of using his “delegation skills” to let others take the lead on these meetings. He now works on special projects for our management team and meets regularly with Raazi and Chad.

Prior to his current role, Greg had 15+ years of Management Consulting experience with Arthur Andersen and Caiman Consulting. He filled nearly every role at Caiman during his tenure including company creation, consulting, recruiting, HR, and CFO. His clients have included both Fortune 100 clients and startups in Washington and California including Microsoft, Boeing, Intuit, Southern California Edison, and the University of Southern California.

Greg had a conviction that top-notch consulting could be delivered with excellence and a more personal touch to both our clients and our consultants, which is what motivated him to start Caiman Consulting. This personal commitment to the client’s success remains the hallmark of Caiman Consulting and continues to be an inspiring vision for those who work here.

In addition to working with Caiman, Greg is passionate about his alma mater, the University of Southern California. He is an active member of Marshall Partners, which is affiliated with the USC business school. He attends more Trojan football and basketball games than is strictly healthy (at least some of his colleagues who did not attend that fine institution think so) and we tend to feel relieved when he pursues his other great passions of golf and pretty much any water sport you can find in Southern California.