Our People

Tim Crockett IT Manager, Senior Consultant
Tim Crockett

Tim is a seasoned consultant with over a decade of consulting experience. He's a proven project manager and technology specialist with deep expertise in Business Intelligence, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint. In his 13+ years working with Caiman, Tim has helped countless clients solve problems and implement innovative solutions utilizing the latest technologies and processes.

As one of Caiman's initial hires, Tim helped guide the company in its early years and has been a mainstay ever since. As our IT director, he manages all our internal tools and systems while providing grudging technical assistance to our workforce. He also manages our internal initiative program, company communications, social events, and numerous other assorted responsibilities (hence the title "Chief Miscellaneous Officer"). He's our go-to guy for technical problems - he may not know the answer, but he's the best in the company at frowning thoughtfully.

Tim graduated from the University of Southern California and holds several certifications including his Project Management Professional and Microsoft certifications in Excel and SQL Server. When not at work, Tim enjoys trivia, eating out, traveling, eating out while traveling, trivia while traveling, trivia while eating out, and karaoke. He's a rabid consumer of films and television, which he watches on an exercise bike so he can refer to himself as an "athlete".