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Shari Sparling Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition
Shari Sparling

Shari Sparling is a key member of our recruiting team and holds a sacred responsibility: finding and luring in the next generation of top-notch Caiman consultants. Shari is a seasoned HR professional but also has a depth of industry experience that helps her discover and recognize the best and brightest for the Caiman team.

A Seattle native and graduate of the University of Washington, Shari worked in the legal and engineering industries before moving into the consulting field. Her nine years working for construction and engineering firm McKinstry gave her a solid background in project management, business analysis, marketing, and HR.

Outside of her work at Caiman, Shari lends her time to her children’s Spanish-immersion school. She loves to support their interests ranging from lacrosse to math competitions to playing the marimba, congas, and viola. Shari also enjoys every minute of travel she can get to the beach with her family, and committed to meeting her Fitbit goals. Shari has a passion for philanthropy with a diverse range of causes reflecting her own principles. These have included initiatives to help raise awareness for childhood cancer research, food allergy & anaphylaxis, and education. She is a founder and board member (2010 - 2015) of the Circle of Hope Guild, which has raised over $250,000 for uncompensated care and pediatric cancer research for Seattle Children's Hospital and the Ben Town Center for Childhood Cancer Research. The hard work and success of Shari's volunteer efforts are an inspiration to the rest of us.

She lives in Bellevue with her husband and two sons.