Caiman Celebrates Post-Holiday Season in Style

Caiman Celebrates Post-Holiday Season in Style
Caiman employees pose for the camera at CAPHHP South

Both Caiman cohorts – those based in Seattle and those based in the San Francisco Bay area – kicked off the New Year in style at their respective Caiman Annual Post-Holiday Holiday Parties! As Caiman continues to expand in both markets, this is the second consecutive year that we’ve had celebrations in both locations.

The Seattle team held their event on the historic MV Skansonia, a former ferryboat built in 1929 that now sits on the shores of Lake Union. While celebrating a successful year and enjoying a festive night on the water, Caimanites were treated to gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline and the iconic Space Needle.

CZx HPbVIAA5wze.jpg largeThe SF Bay team got together for a lovely evening at Foreign Cinema, a beautiful San Francisco restaurant located in the Mission District. Within the restaurant, the team occupied the Modernism West Wing complete with modern art that adorned the walls, minimalist floors and table settings, and a special Foreign Cinema touch: a vintage, black and white film projecting on the wall. The guests sat down for a delicious three course meal and their choice of wine, beer, or cocktail. The night was one to celebrate strong growth in the Bay Area accounts as well as the departure of a beloved colleague for his next exciting adventure.

CZTiXPHWkAAUYIAAttendees agreed that both were spectacularly successful events, and the Caiman Annual Post-Holiday Holiday Parties were vivid reminders that exceptionally talented and fun-loving people are at the heart of Caiman’s success. In both Seattle and San Francisco, employees (and their significant others) spent time together as friends and colleagues with whom they could share the commemorative occasion. The parties this past week were a testament to the people of Caiman and the tremendous amount of hard work that they put in. Here at Caiman, 2015 has officially ended, 2016 is now in full effect, and we look forward with excitement and anticipation for what the new year will hold.

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