Caiman Honors Its People As We Reach 10 Years

Photo of JP Patiño

In every organization, it is important to take time to recognize major milestones. Part of what makes Caiman a special place to work is how we recognize our milestones and the people we choose to share them with. Our mentality is a personal touch in everything we do, and an intentional effort to build upon the relationships that matter most. At our 10th year anniversary celebration, we went beyond the normal by hosting an amazing show at Teatro Zinzanni in downtown Seattle. Teatro Zinzanni is part circus, part comedy, part dinner party, and always a magical event. Not only was this event for our Caiman consultants, but also for our long-time partners and clients who have helped ensure Caiman’s success.

Our hosts were our three partners: CEO Raazi Imam, director Chad Fischer, and CFO Greg Long. They led the opening remarks before the show, where we thanked our clients and our consultants for the first 10 years of dedication and support. Greg delivered an informative and hilarious presentation outlining the ten year history of the company. And since we are consultants, after all, we reviewed “Caiman by the numbers”. 

The event helped us showcase what really makes a difference at Caiman: our people. Before the evening began we took time to honor a few of our own.

The Caiman leadership team occasionally recognizes outstanding achievement by an employee with the “Grand Caiman Award” which comes with a nice bonus. At this event we handed out a special Grand Caiman Award entitled the “Employee of the Decade”. The award went to Tim Crockett, who has been with Caiman since that first year and was named Employee of the Decade for his amazing project work for numerous clients, his work as our IT guru, and our emcee at practically every Caiman event for the past 10 years. Tim was presented an enormous check so that we could laugh at him as he tried to fit it in his car after the show.

Lastly, we honored our Director of Human Resources, Meg Clara, for the enormous impact that she has had on our small firm since 2007. Meg was honored this evening with Caiman’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Meg has helped drive us to be one of the Best Companies to Work For by Consulting Magazine for several years running, and has led the effort to both increase and diversify our workforce. Meg has made incredible contributions to Caiman and we were glad to recognize her at this event.

We’ve had an extraordinary first decade at Caiman – and it’s the people that made it successful and will continue to make the difference for decades to come.