Keeping Caiman Moving

Photo of Sierra Eberly

kcm 1I talk to a lot of consultants who are searching for something. Typically, they are looking for anything from career advancement, to better work/life balance, to wanting to feel like they are making a difference and are a part of a team. (Want to know what we're looking for? Check out the recent post by Shari Sparling.) 

"What do you like about Caiman?" is a question that most candidates I speak to ask me. Without hesitation I bubble up with "The people and the culture!", and then assure them that I'm not just saying that because I'm a recruiter and trying to "sell" Caiman. It's the truth, and #KeepCaimanMoving is one of the many reasons I love it here.

Sometimes candidates even reference my Caiman Bio and it strikes up some fun conversations. There’s nothing I love more than to find that commonality with a potential new Caimanite, taking a few minutes to share our passions. Even better is sharing how Caiman supports these passions.

When I first joined Caiman, it was no secret that I'm a runner. Specifically, my passion is trail running, but I end up getting in more road miles than trail miles due to logistics and weekday training. During the week I run mid-day to break things up, or in group runs in the evening. Sometimes even both! Weekends I'm typically miles into the backcountry without cell reception soaking up this amazing Pacific Northwest. Caiman continues to support my running passion, and the team always asks about what adventure I did over the weekend.

In my first few months with Caiman, my manager asked me to start meeting with some of our tenured consultants and managers to get to know them and our business better. Emails went out, coffee and happy hour meetings were set, and then one of our consultants said "You're a runner, right? I don’t need any more coffee - let's schedule a run together!". I fell in love with Caiman all over again.

In early 2017, the #KeepCaimanMoving initiative was started by one of our Managing Partners, Marci Marra. You can imagine my excitement when I saw the announcement. I even started wearing a Fitbit so I could show up on the Caiman group leaderboard! I was honored when I was asked to champion this initiative in 2018.

We get creative in how we Keep Caiman Moving

As the excitement for #KeepCaimanMoving has grown, we've seen some creative ideas on how to keep active during busy work days. "Walking meetings" are encouraged, and no one seems to mind if there's occasional background noise on Skype if someone is walking outside instead of sitting at a desk. I hear people chatting about how they purposefully park further away from work to "get their steps in" or how they arrange their day so they can be at a coffee shop working close to their favorite walking routes or gyms after their last meeting. This allows them to immediately start their activity of choice once work is complete for the day. 

kcm 2We have monthly step challenges, and Caimanites typically step around 3k more steps a day than the average American.

Recently I went on a run during lunch hour and my manager called me, knowing I was out running. She simply said, "I am out on a walk and thought it would be nice to catch up, please keep running!" Miles 2-3 were spent chatting about some updates as we both got to enjoy being outside and getting some exercise while still being productive. 

Caiman has sponsored four 5k races to date for our Caimanites to participate in between Seattle and the Bay, and we encourage the whole family to join in on the fun! Many of us are avid hikers, skiers, cyclists, paddleboarders, etc., and it's not uncommon for us to connect after-hours to enjoy our hobbies together.

Employee health and wellness is a top priority for Caiman

#KeepCaimanMoving is embedded in our culture. It's not just about steps and winning raffles. We want to support the entire Caiman team to be active and healthy in whatever way suits them best and works with their lifestyle. I love hearing about the different ways we all maintain active lifestyles.   

Caiman supports a wellness program, led by our HR Manager, Elaine Bautista. This year she and I worked together to align overall goals and communications to the greater team regarding health and wellness.

fun1Over the next years as we continue to grow, we'd love to see participation within our #KeepCaimanMoving initiative increase and diversify even more! Maybe a team relay race, kayak excursion, yoga retreat, backpacking trips, or even some fun competitions that go beyond a step challenge.

Caiman leadership has continued to be supportive and excited about this initiative, which shows that culture and employee engagement are one of Caiman's top priorities. Without happy, healthy consultants how can we provide the highest level of support and partnership to our clients?

Thanks for reading. If you’re interested to learning more about our culture, feel free to send an email to or reach out to me directly at