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Create a Lasting Impression with Your Client

Photo of Wes Cooper

When I started working for Caiman in 2006, I knew nothing about the consulting world. I was making the move from a secure, 11-year position as a product manager at a local software company to the unfamiliar and seemingly-daunting environment of consulting at a big tech company. I wasn’t fully...

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What is Bench Time to You?

Photo of Grant Hatten

I recently had coffee with a friend of mine that had quit consulting for an industry job. “I loved the work, the people, and my firm,” he said. “But sitting on the bench for weeks between projects was tough. I wanted the security of stable work.”I’ve sat on the bench several times....

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The Secret to High Performance: Happiness in the Workplace

Photo of Theresa Callahan

(A portion of this article first appeared in the NAHB Professional Women in Building, Spring 2014 edition of  Building Women magazine) The past 10 years have been an interesting journey for me as I have searched high and low for the magic ingredient, the “special sauce”, if you will, that...

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Feedback: Cruel or Kind?

Photo of Marci Marra

Note: this is the second in a series of posts I am writing on the elements of being a successful manager. For the first entry, see People First, the Human Factor. We hear the word “Feedback” thrown around all the time: “I’m open to feedback”, “I’d really like your feedback”,...

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People First, The Human Factor

Photo of Marci Marra

It was a busy morning, with client deliverables, an internal presentation to create, and plenty of emails awaiting responses. As I settled into my desk preparing to dig into the long list of tasks, I was met by coworker after coworker who wanted to talk to me. One wanted to talk about a health...

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Mindful Consulting

Photo of JP Patiño

The other day I sat down with my client; we typically have only one scheduled meeting per week and it is packed in between many other things that we have to do. Often our meetings end abruptly or with hanging conversations as we both pack up our laptops or type out one last email before moving on to...

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The Importance of Process

Photo of Chris Bradbury

We’re in the “dog days” of summer and that can only mean two things: Popsicles and Caiman planning for a new fiscal year! The latter was a great opportunity to reflect upon what worked well and what changes we want to make to achieve our near and mid-term goals. Caiman is a small but growing...

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Contribute Your Whole Self

Photo of Mary Alice Colvin

A dear friend passed away recently in a tragic, unexpected accident. This special person lived life to the fullest, embracing the concept that each day is a gift - “that’s why it is called the present.” This huge loss served as a reminder that the world can be a better place if we each...

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The PC is dead! Long live the PC!

Photo of Chad Fischer

Back in the 1970s – when the word “computer” meant “mainframe” – most industry experts scoffed at the idea of the personal computer edging out mainframes. PCs were so much less powerful! They couldn’t do anything a real computer could do! Within a decade, however, PCs were dominant –...

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Health Care 2014: How should health care companies, providers, and insurers react to change in the industry?

A few months ago there was some news out of Seattle that made health care industry watchers sit up and take note. Group Health, a nonprofit which provides health care and coverage for over 700,000 people across Washington and Idaho, released a memo saying that they needed to cut $250 million in...

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